Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Love White!

White is so soothing. It is calm and quiet. When we set out to remodel our kitchen a couple of years ago I wanted all white. All white with a dark floor. As you can see from the didn't quite turn out that way. I guess that is the chance you take when you have something done "custom"...but guess what? I'm glad those cabinets I ordered with the White paint and brown glaze over them didn't turn out as planned. What I got is rich and beautious!! Sometimes things happen for a reason. My island was SUPPOSED to be much lighter. A green no less, but a much lighter green. Sooo...those white chairs were SUPPOSED to look really good with it and guess what??? THEY DON'T!! So I am in the process of sanding them down and painting them black. I think that will be a better look...don't you?

P.S. Those of you that know me know I have 3 boys. Three stinky, sweaty, dirty, messy why the white? It washes great!! Not only do I love white...but I love Clorox almost as much!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

In Progress...

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and I decided to do this I should first finish up a swap piece that I started a while back. On my Pfatt Marketplace chat group we are having a "small doll swap". I get to send my small doll to Danita and she likes pink and she likes her dollies to wear hats!! So this is what I came up with. I think she turned out sweet. I used vintage crepe paper for her skirt...this is one of the crepe pieces I bought from Wendy Addison at the flea market last month. It's such a great pink. I stretched the crepe along the hemline and it gives it a little body...kinda sassy!! She's got an old earring at her waist and she holds some vintage millinery flowers. I love the crown that sits next to her. My friend Donna surprised me with that one day...Donna is the Queen of Crowns you know...

Aaaannnddd...I REALLY need to start paying attention to my little Halloween friends here. I am participating in a new and exciting show this year..."A Bewitching Halloween Fete" and I am well under way to having some work be done in time...but check back later to see how much I actually get finished!!

Last week was a very long and hard week, with funeral services for our dear sweet Brianna. Please go to Iva's blog to read the eulogy she wrote and read (amazing)at the service. The Angels for Brianna Fundraising Auction will begin soon. Any blog or website where you see the banner means that that artist will be donating an item for the auction. We have some pretty darn amazing people in the art world.

Friday, June 15, 2007

no words...

There are no words that can explain the anguish we feel when someone passes, especially one that is so young. Brianna has touched so many souls and made a difference in many lives. Please carry her heart with you and remember that life is so short...don't waste precious times and memories on things that aren't really that important...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Please pray...

My sweet friend Iva is going thru an especially difficult time. Her daughter, Brianna, has been fighting for her life. Any prayers and positive thoughts you may have...please send their way. You can read all about Brianna's fight for her life here This is an especially critial time. Thank you

Monday, June 11, 2007

Stop by...

Stop by and see Donna O'Brien's new blog. She is the master of The Ribboned Crown. She creates beautiful, sparkley, glittery, gorgeous creations.

Also...check out PFatt Marketplace!! It is Halloween in June and everything on that site is AMAZING!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Neighborhood Love

I love my neighborhood! I love my neighborhood, my neighbors, the neighborhood kids, my house (when it is clean...which isn't very often) and everything about the area I live in. I live on a flag lot. My house sits behind the other houses in my court so we have lots of privacy when we want it. I have 3 boys and they have tons of space to run wild...and they do. Man boys can be loud!! Every so often we have impromptu get togethers in the court. I will drag my chair out to the street with a bottle of wine in hand...before long one neighbor has joined me with her chair and glass...and then another...and then another. The kids run around playing hide and go seek tag. It's great memories. What do you love about your neighborhood??
p.s. Only 2 days until Pfatt Marketplace Halloween in June...

Monday, June 4, 2007

Shopping at the Flea Market

Wow what a feat to get this picture posted. It really shouldn't be that difficult but I have a fairly new camera...which I love...but I sure hate the program that comes with it. Anyhow...I hit the flea market here in the Bay Area yesterday. It is Antiques by the Bay and there are usually about 800 vendors. I had a great time shopping (as you can see). Here are some of my finds. Old postcards, some great old rhinestone jewelry for my girls. Some pink crepe which will come in handy next spring and I LOVE the Santa postcard. That is a keeper. When in the bay area try to stop by this flea market but plan on giving yourself LOTS of shopping time. There is so much to see.
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