Monday, February 27, 2012

Double the Goodness

A couple of Saturday's ago I was one of a few very lucky gals that was able to take a class from the uber talented Debby Anderson of Romancing the Bling.  It was a "double goodness day" because the class took place at Lisa Super's home.  If you don't know Debby or need to get to know them. 
Super talented.  
Super sweet.  
Super knowledgeable.  
Super fun.

This is what we made.  In the first 15 minutes I learned quite a few new things.  Class could have been over right then and there and I would have been a happy camper.

Laura Himm and Debby Anderson

Not only does Debby make the most gorgeous jewelry....she is also a fantastic teacher.  Super patient (which is important when I am a student), clear in her instructions and always happy to help.

Shawn Street and Lisa Super

These were 2 of my table mates.  Shawn was awfully quiet as she worked at her wire wrapping and beading.  Little did we know that she was constructing a true pink masterpiece.  
Lisa chose to use a photo of her Grandma as her centerpiece.  This really made her piece one of a kind and quite sentimental.

So....this is a shot of part of Lisa's studio.

 I know....RIGHT?

 A darling little old shopping cart.  
Can I have one too?

This child sized mannequin would not fit in my purse....darn it!  
I would love to own one....sigh...some day.

 Check out those tiny spectacles hanging over the side of the jar.  Love 'em!

 For me....this sums up Lisa's studio.  The best of all worlds I do believe.

A sweet dolly

all within the back drop of silver glitter.

Sign me up!!

 Her inspiration wall.

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class from Debby or it!  Don't dawdle at sign ups or you will miss the boat.  

It was such a great day in a gorgeous setting.

Thanks Lisa and Debby!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Happy Day....

And a Happy Valentine's Day To You!  

I don't see Valentine's Day as a day for "couples".  Valentine's Day is a day to show anyone and everyone how much you care. 

My sweetie pie boys surprised me with these beautiful pink (my fave color) roses for me.  They included an extra funny....and quite appropriate card....which I adore!  I love it when they put their heads together (and their wallets) to do something nice for some one.  So sweet.


I know!!

It's crazy!!

Time has just slipped by and I absolutely love it....although I am itching to get back to work.

I have been BUSY!!  More details later....

But for now

Happy Hearts, Hugs and Kisses Day!
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