Friday, August 31, 2007

To Dream and to be Inspired...

I love to peek into other people's creative worlds. To capture a glimpse of where they work and to see their surroundings, what inspires them, what motivates them, what makes them happy. One of my favorite studios to peek into is Rebecca Sower's studio. So organized, tidy, yet beautiful, artistic and oh so inspiring. I would love to have a nice big studio like this, filled with treasures wherever you look. When you have a second, stop by and take a look, it gets me motivated to organize and beautify.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am a very ~ Very ~ VERY Lucky Girl!

It doesn't get much better than this!!

At the beginning of August I posted about how lucky I was to be gracing the cover of the Autumn issue Art Doll Quarterly. I didn't want to spill the beans at the time and not until I saw it with my own eyes...but here it is!!! My little "BOO" Halloween Witch girl is on the cover of Somerset Studio!! I mean WOW!! What an amazing thing to be published...I was hoping to be IN the magazine and never expected to be ON the magazine.

I am over the moon and am so thrilled at the quality of photography of all 4 of my pieces that are in these 2 publications.

You can find Somerset Studio at most Scrapbooking stores, Michael's, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Stampington.

Thank you to everyone at Somerset Studio. They put together an amazing publication each and every time and I am so happy to be able to be a part of it.

A Spookishly Ghoulish Time

What fun we had on Friday night as Sharon opened the doors to her amazing shop and we all celebrated the beginning of the Halloween season. Glittery and ghoulish, frightful and fun....there was much to see...much to oooh and aaah at. New friends were made as the ever attentive hostess made sure to introduce one and all to each other.

The American Harvest Opera Fairy had been replaced (but not forgotten) by the Wistful glitter and all!

Amazing one of a kind Halloween artwork surrounded us (as well as beautiful every day pieces) as we made our way thru Sharon's haunted mansion.

These pieces by Ingrid surely caught our eye. Lucky for us, Ingrid was there and we were able to spend some time chatting with her about her art.

Donna O'Brien's sparkley creations were AMAZING...I had to have one for myself!!

Not only does Sharon have incredibly sweet people to help her but they get to work with this hanging over their heads!! Pretty amazing working conditions I would say!

Rodger, Sharon's partner in crime, was the resident photographer. Here is Ulla, myself, Iva, Sharon...aka "The Queen of American Harvest", Ingrid and Lucille.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


It's an amazing thing. I can remember those days when we didn't have it and I often wonder how we would manage today.

The husband has been on me for a while to get a new computer. New computers mean new my book anyway. I am not techno saavy and non techno saavy = crankiness! Recently my beloved computer started showing it's age. It freezes up, it slows down and is groaning and creaking. Yes...weird sounds are coming from my CPU. I have been coddling it, begging it to hold on just a little bit longer.

Tomorrow is a big day. The techno saavy guy is coming to my house to kick my new computer into gear. I got a wireless network thingy and a new laptop. But with that I have had to make some decisions on the technology on my old computer. I came to the decision to do away with my website and move deeper into blogland. I will miss my old website but am excited to put all my energy into one location.

So to kick things off straight away I am posting my scheduled website update right here!! Come on in and visit my Halloween store...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So it is late and I want to go to bed. I go to the front door to call the cats in...two come running but where is Albert? I go to the back door "Aaaaalllllbert" Albert.

Back to the front door "Aaaaalllbert"...oh some rustling in the bushes.

"Here he comes" I say to myself.

More rustling in the bushes..."hurry up" I tell him.

"I see you over by the car, come on!"

Ok fine. I agree it is a beautiful night and it is more fun to be out than in but I want to go to bed.

"Here I come!" I can barely see him over there because he is all black, but I know he is there. I am squinting to see him and telling him to get his booty into the house. As I approach him he turns his back on me...HOW DARE HIM!! Oh wait...Albert doesn't have white stripes down his back.

I didn't realize I could run 20 yards back into the house in 1.8 seconds!!
Bears in our campsite, skunks in the front yard...what next?? It's time to really get down to business!! I have been working on store orders and just kinda puttering around most of the summer. It's time to put my head down and get busy. Watch for a website update on my site on Friday...It's beginning to look alot like Halloween around here...
I have really been out to lunch. I just found out that Ms. Zinnia herself has a blog. Stop by when you have a chance...her artwork is second to none and to top it off she is an absolute sweetie!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Road Trip!

We are off for one last summer jaunt to enjoy the warm sunshine, cool water and smores around the fire. I hope I survive 5 days of tent camping with 5 boys. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am a lucky girl!

Oh yes...a VERY lucky girl indeed! Way back in March I was asked to submit some Halloween pieces to this beautiful publication, Art Doll Quarterly. Much to my surprise...they picked Halloween Hannah to be on the cover...

And inside....

is a very nice interview...which is such a crack up to me. I mean...who wants to read about me? Personally...I find myself quite regular...nothing special. Being a part of this publication is such a huge compliment to me and even though I don't take compliments well...

I will this time!!
Art Doll Quarterly...Thank You Very Much!!

You can find this publication at Stampington & Co., some Michael's stores carry it, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.Com.
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