Monday, October 12, 2009

It's love.... this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Besides a newborn baby...or that pair of Prada shoes you just HAVE to have....this has to be the cutest~!

I first fell in love with Karen O'Brien's "Quiet Companions" a number of years ago. When I first saw Karen's work it stopped me in my tracks. So much personality in these faces. So much sweetness. I was participating in the same show as Karen and I thought I would stop by her table "later" and claim a bear. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I thought I would wait until there were less choices.



The show started, the doors swung open and WHOOOOSH....bears gone. I don't mean that there just weren't enough to choose from...or that the ones that were left weren't to my liking. I mean they were GONE.

Nadda, zip, zero....none left.

This time, at the Tinsel and Treasures show, I wasn't going to allow that to happen. I ended up bonding with this guy and I absolutely, postively ADORE him. there a bigger better word than adore? I mean just look at his face....he's about to tell you a secret, a little story...

And he tells me ~ every ~ single ~ day. He sits on his shelf...looking out at me...sending love with his eyes.

I am over the moon that I am the proud owner of this fella. I absolutely adore him...did I tell you that yet?

adore: to pay divine honor to; worship

Adore and Worship....I think those are the correct words. I adore him and worship Karen's talent...

I think he needs a friend.

p.s. click on the pictures to enlarge them...but beware...if you will want a companion too!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a weekend...Part 2

After our shopping expedition we headed over to Gilding the Lily for their Friday night trunk show. The store was full of giddy artists perusing the beautiful items Nancy had to offer. Please make sure to pop over to her blog to see some of the sites. Holy cards, gorgeous rosaries, reliquaries and much more. There was a definite buzz in the air as customers greeted each other with hugs and shared what treasures they had found.

Here are a few photos I snapped of some of my favorite things at the Lily.

The ribbon wall...

A peek inside the glass cabinet...

Truly wonderful treasures surround you from the moment you walk in to the store. The longer you look the more you uncover. I could spend days just enjoying it all.

Saturday and Sunday Iva and I taught back to back classes with wonderful new friends. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

My Sunday Vintage Cabinet Card class. I was thrilled with the way that everyones art work turned out so different. From purple to pink to Pearl's ah-mazing creamy dreamy doll dress. Absolutely wonderful.

Marilyn (right) and Sharon. Marilyn took all 4 classes that Iva and I offered. Saturday she left early to go to a baseball game. What a trooper...she must have been exhausted by the end of the weekend!!
Some snaps from Sunday's class. The ladies all worked so hard...
Where are my Saturday ladies??? I didn't take any pictures. ;--{

I love Ancee Grandma's face in this snap...

These are the ladies from Saturday's class...sunning themselves in the front window of Gilding. Didn't they do a fantastic job sculpting?

Sweet Carol signed up for both of my classes and then her transmission died and she couldn't make it. We missed you Carol...we named her teacher's pet for the weekend (even though she wasn't there) !!

And this is the gal that made it all happen. She kept me laughing all weekend. She has never ending energy and a permanent smile on her face. She is the best! Thanks for everything Mz. Dede... p.s. I adore your pink witch !

As Iva and I headed home on Sunday night, reliving the wonderful weekend we had, I summed up the Lily as this. Gilding the Lily is a female version of Cheers!...without the bar. A place Where Everybody Knows Your Name. A place where you become a part of the Lily family as soon as you walk in the door. A place where you are met with a smile, a hug and greetings of Sisterhood. Nancy has built a real gem...I only wish it where closer.

Thanks Dede and Nancy for allowing us to be part of the Sisterhood even if only for a weekend.

To learn more about Gilding the Lily you can pick up Romantic Homes. The October issue has a wonderful 8 page article on Nancy and the store.

Note to self...take more pictures next time!
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