Thursday, January 22, 2009


Does that word make you happy? Does it give you a warm and wonderful sunny orange feeling? It does me...and that is exactly the way you feel when you walk into "Tangerine" the store. Located in the beautiful Northern California Bay Area, Tangerine is a fun, funky, hand made in the USA kind of place.

wonderful paintings, unique jewelry, mixed media art...

to yummy, yummy, colorful candies

round that out with vintage bits and bobs for your own art

and I almost forgot...(well not really)...a fantastic place to take classes, hone your craft and bond with other artists that love to create !!

If you look hard...

You might see some of my girls visiting for the Valentine holiday !!

Be sure to visit
7038 Village Parkway
Dublin Ca
(925) 548-8447

The Planning Has Begun...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

I know you are up in Heaven wearing a big party hat and a smile on your face. Brianna, you are thought about every day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Fresh Start

Monday, December 5, 8:15 am and all is quiet. The sister has gone back to Nevada, the kids have caught their carpools, the husband has headed out the door to work and for the first time in 16 is quiet. Quiet to where I can hear myself think. Quiet to where I can actually get something done !! So...what do I do first? Darn I should have made a list. I always work better with a list.

I am happy to say that as fast as time flies...and I hate it...I am glad for a fresh year. The husband got on the treadmill yesterday and walked and walked while he watched football. It was so great to see him walking steady and strong, heart and lungs working just fine. Yes, I am glad to put 2008 behind us and I am positive 2009 will be a great year...crummy economics and all !!

I don't make New Years resolutions anymore. I don't like to make commitments like that. I do, however, have ideas, plans and challenges in my head. Funny enough, they are the same ideas and plans I have had for the last few New Years. Each year I try to accomplish these things and each year I think I make a little better headway. Maybe by the time I am 90 I will get it right. But for now...I will put in all the effort I can and try my best.

What are your New Year Challenges??

Here are some of mine...

Spend more time with friends

Enjoy my kids...

Be a good listener to everyone, especially my kids, and try not to lecture this will be hard!

Enjoy my family...sheesh...I was so busy doing this at the holidays I didn't snap one picture...bad bad bad !!

Try to have at least 3 sit down, healthy family meals each week. Some months of the year this is so difficult. But I'm gonna try !!

Make more homemade ice cream!!

SLOW DOWN and breathe...take life in because it passes in the blink of an eye.

The happiest of New Years to you and yours. Let's make this the best one yet !!

Now I must go rescue Bob from the dishwasher !!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A favorite thing...

Just wanted to let you in on a little secret...

If you have any cash burning a hole in your pocket after the holidays... run...don't walk...or better yet...get one online from Restoration Hardware.

It is the softest, coziest, comfiest blanket you will ever experience in your life. We got one for Christmas and we all fight over who gets to cuddle under it during the movie. Unfortunately they only come in lap size. But they are on sale and come in a number of different colors. You won't be sorry!!
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