Tuesday, July 19, 2011


 Goodness Gracious!

I certainly did not plan on being gone from this blog for so long!  The last time I posted I felt that I was soon to be on a blog post roll!  There was going to be so much going on and so much to post about.  Then the husband and I had to put on REALLY big catcher's mitts for the curve ball(s) that life has thrown us!! 

 We celebrated our first high school graduation and an 18th birthday soon after that.  Such good times.


Somewhere in between we had an emergency, middle of the night, surgery on the 15 year old.  A four day hospital stay and 6 week recovery of not lifting more than 5 pounds, no physical activity....not so easy for a teenager in the summer!!  The flu hit our house...twice...and my momma took a spill and ended up in the E.R. with dislocated fingers and a huge gash above her eye.
We also have been through the tragic death of a 4 year old nephew.  No words for that.

On the happy ~ happy front...the surgery patient is doing great and we are excitedly looking forward to the birth of my great nephew, Liam, and my sisters wedding to the love of her life.  It just goes to show that life does go on and happy times are to be cherished. 

During my "hovering" days I had a chance to clean up the studio and organize a bit.

I've been using up some of my blingy collection to work on some fun jewelry pieces.

 It's hard to part with some of these jewels but they aren't being enjoyed just sitting in a drawer!!

 I'm loving my plastic rhinestone lovelies...

Along with the creamy white goodness of these.

 I've been doing some sewing, getting ready for both Tinsel and Treasures and Glitterfest.


  I've also been working on getting ready for my Studio Workshop (2 spots still available) and LOVE that my students have not given up on the hunt for the seemingly elusive "perfect frame" for their project.

 I'm meeting a sweet friend tomorrow for lunch and some antique shopping as one can never have too many old linens...

and trims!

 Having to cancel our summer vacation and weekend trips due to Shane's recovery has allowed me to catch up on my favorite show...

 (Do you watch this one?)

And spend a day in the kitchen canning apricots and making jam with one of my favorite people.

 I've also done some hovering in the garden....but unless Mother Nature wants to smile on us with a little more heat...I don't know how many of these babies I'm going to see this summer.

 I hope you are having a wonderful, warm, creative and safe summer. 

On a side note....please remember not to use your cell phone while driving.  No phone call or text is so important that it can't wait until you arrive at your destination or pull to the side of the road.
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