Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cubbies, drawers, boxes and more....

I'm a sucker for organization. Well...maybe not organization in general... but more like....those things that can help you be organized.

Like this piece. Tons of little shelves for all your little doo dads....

Oh...(insert squeal of delight here ) Look at those sweet little drawers that pull out...and check out those drawer pulls... LOVE LOVE LOVE....SWEET LOVE IT IS

Check it out ... cubbies AND can't go wrong!!!
( all pieces available at

Even though I have "Organizational Love" for those pieces are few shots of some of my own organizational loves....from my studio....

I showed this piece once before but I love it so much...I'll show it again.

MMMM....yummy....old suitcases and doll trunks all filled with treasures.

I haven't quite figured out if I love these or not. The two middle boxes are quilted hanky boxes. They are frou frou and lovely....yet they work well with my darker, more primitive pieces. So yes, I think I love them.

The top box is from my dear sweet and lovely friend. I know I love this....wish I had more...hint hint.

This is a great can't quite tell because of all my mess in it but HEY....cut me some slack...I've been working and digging in here to find treasures.

Last but not least...I had to show this. It's a "re-do" on the vintage laundry basket. I have the real deal....a vintage one and I LOVE it. I scoot it all around my laundry room.
Well let's be serious for a moment.
My laundry room isn't really a room but more like a "space". But I still scoot it and it's great. So if you can't find a vintage one you can snag one here.
They call it a French Wire Hamper.
Just a little fyi though. You can get a vintage one for a tad bit less than this one at your local antique market. What a great excuse to go shopping!!

Speaking of cubbies, drawers, boxes and more...

I just updated my "available" page with some Valentine goodies. There are a couple of pieces in fabulous old boxes.

Check them out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wow, I feel like I just pretty much disappeared out of blog land. Where are the days going? The cold (yes, 40 degrees is cold to this California girl) weather seems to have me in a bit of a funk. I've been spending my days in the kitchen (and grocery store) cooking up a storm for the starving boys in my life. They are all deep into their sports and are feeling the calorie burn. For those of you that like hearty stews, slow cooking, sauces and gravies...check this cookbook out. Williams Sonoma always gets it right!!

I just ordered this one off of Amazon. It's a real "meat and potatoes" type of cookbook. I have cooked a number of things off of her blog and it makes the boys really happy.

Speaking of her blog...grab a big cup of tea and spend some time perusing. It's delightful.
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