Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Busy Time...

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to join Donna and Iva at Castle in the Air in Berkeley. We spent the day creating Fairytale altered books under the direction of the amazing Ulla. We were to dig thru the mounds of beautiful papers, unbelievable images, and fun magazines to find all

the bits and pieces we wanted to use to put our books together. It was overwhelming in the beginning but once we found a couple of inspiration pictures we went to work. First we covered the outside of the book with a favorite paper and then we went to work on the inside.

It was fun to see how Donna's book fit her style perfectly.

I think the same could be said for mine.

The "pink lady" Lorraine, came all the way from Washington DC to take Ulla's class. She shared with us that her home was featured on her friends blog, Inspire Co. I also learned that we will both be at Silver Bella in November which has fabulous teachers like Pam Garrison, Teresa McFayden, Kimberly Kwan and more.
I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of Iva's book. She was still working on it up until the very end but I absolutely adore the cover. It is a shoe being pulled by a bird. So whimsical.

Here is Donna and Ulla and you can see the rest of the classroom in the background. The classroom is upstairs and it looks down over the magic of Castle in the Air.

It was so great to get Iva out and doing something she loves. She got to have a few hours of art to help distract her. She created a gorgeous outdoor scene in her book. It had a door that opened and behind the door was a park bench and trees. Just lovely. Thanks for a great day girls!!

A Bewitching Halloween Fete

I have been trying to spend some time each day getting ready for a Halloween Open House I am participating in. It's called "A Bewitching Halloween Fete...A Gathering of Artists and Antiques"
The original date was September 15 but it has been moved to October 6 to give us all a little more time to prepare.

I thought I would drop a couple more photos in as I haven't been the best blogger lately! This is an Americana piece I created in June. It's a fun theatre with vintage crepe and old flags. My favorite part is the vintage parade pins I used as curtain tie backs. I have a great collection of these little pieces.


Donna O'Brien said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!It's great to see you "back"! I know how busy you have been this past month. This post looks great and what a nice day it was. I enjoy you SO much.

And your Halloween pieces!!! This is the first I've seen of these 2 girls- Beautiful!! And the theatre is fantastic. Talented gal, you are!!

Ulla said...

I LOVE YOUR DOLLS, and can't wait to see them gracing all the supermarket aisles soon!!! It was truly wonderful having you and Iva and Donna in class, I kind of wish it had just been the 4 of us... We need to plan another playdate sometime soon!!! Hugs to you!

Lana said...

Oh Colleen ~ That white pumpkin doll is gorgeous!
It sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time and brought home some beautiful creations thanks to Ulla.


lauren said...

Well hello! I'm certainly happy to have stumbled across your blog with your BEAUTIFUL dolls (via Donna's). Your things are so wonderful! It looks as you had such a terrific day together--so jealous!

Nice to have found you and your beauties!

Michelle Sylvia said...

What a fun time you must have had at Ulla's class!!!

Your new dolls are stunning!

Thanks for sharing.


Rochambeau said...

Dear Collene,
I just figured out just now why I couldn't leave the comment before. Glad you got to spend time creating with fabulous people. Your dolls are great. The last ones face is so sweet.

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