Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So it is late and I want to go to bed. I go to the front door to call the cats in...two come running but where is Albert? I go to the back door "Aaaaalllllbert"...no Albert.

Back to the front door "Aaaaalllbert"...oh some rustling in the bushes.

"Here he comes" I say to myself.

More rustling in the bushes..."hurry up" I tell him.

"I see you over by the car, come on!"

Ok fine. I agree it is a beautiful night and it is more fun to be out than in but I want to go to bed.

"Here I come!" I can barely see him over there because he is all black, but I know he is there. I am squinting to see him and telling him to get his booty into the house. As I approach him he turns his back on me...HOW DARE HIM!! Oh wait...Albert doesn't have white stripes down his back.

I didn't realize I could run 20 yards back into the house in 1.8 seconds!!
Bears in our campsite, skunks in the front yard...what next?? It's time to really get down to business!! I have been working on store orders and just kinda puttering around most of the summer. It's time to put my head down and get busy. Watch for a website update on my site on Friday...It's beginning to look alot like Halloween around here...
I have really been out to lunch. I just found out that Ms. Zinnia herself has a blog. Stop by when you have a chance...her artwork is second to none and to top it off she is an absolute sweetie!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

I am laughing so hard, if that was at my house...it would have had another icky ending (think dead fruitrats!) oh ick!

I know, it's so easy to pretend you have all the time in the world in the summer, isn' it?? from one "must bust a move and get going" girl to another...hope your time is stretched out so you can accomplish much, while still staying sane.:)
hugs, Lidy

edgar and edgar said...

Well at least you got away from the skunk!!!!! My sweet little Oliver got one in our backyard. He smelled disgusting and the skunk is now in heaven...


Miss Maddie's said...

Dear Colleen,I see you survived the roadtrip and the visit from Pepe Le Pew!
Can't wait to see what goodies you'll conjure up.About that little Boo darling to the right is she looking for a new home? Susan

Lori said...

glad you survived your camping trip AND the skunk!!! i can't wait to see your halloween beauties!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh my ~ I don't think I've ever seen a skunk in "person" and don't really ever care to! I bet that was the fastest you've ever ran!! I can't wait to see your new creations...please keep us posted ~ xxoo, Dawn

Doreen said...

Oh..thank goodness you didn't get sprayed..!!!!!! They say that skunks make wonderful pets if you have them de-smelled.....or whatever it's called...! :)

Your gal on the cover of Art Doll Quarterly...is amazing..she is just beautiful...I can not wait until my copy arrives in the mail.

I'm so glad I happened upon your blog. If you don't mind...I will add yours to mine. :)

Take care

Donna O. said...

Black and White? may the skunk was gettomg in on the halloween theme!!Speaking of, love the new color of your blog- very fall-ish!!

Donna O. said...

Sheesh! How many typos can I leave in one comment?? Sorry about that.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh my...we had a similar encounter with our dog, Lucy and us were very lucky! Skunk got a way and we were all happy!

Brenda said...

Ohh, the visual.. !! (At least you were spared a shower, haha..!)

Lana said...

Oh no, Colleen! That's so funny!

But did you find Albert?

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