Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Procrastination or Not Enough Time???

Are you a procrastinator?? I'm really...stop laughing...I'm not. Ok...well it does depend on what the issue is. For instance a while back my husband bought me this great little television for the kitchen.

I didn't procrastinate. I opened it right up, unpacked it, set it up on the counter and even plugged it in. Fuzz and static...Hhhhmmm...guess I need to call the cable company and get the cable hooked up.

That was Mother's Day. Procrastination? Guilty

I have this great jar I bought one day when I was out shopping with Donna.

I knew it would look fabulous on my island filled with something really cool. I brought it home, unwrapped it, put it on the counter and realized I didn't really have anything really cool to put in it. I'll have to work on in the meantime I put these fabulous Easter cookies in there. So what if that was April??

Procrastination??? Mmmm...jury is out on that one. I haven't found that really cool something yet so why bother to take those cutie Easter cookies out? I wonder if they still taste good.'s another one. Look at these fabrics. LOVE THEM! (the pic's don't do them justice...the ones inside the plastic are gorgeous) I bought them...let's just say "a while back". New duvet, curtains, pillows etc etc. Yep...the fabric still sits in the corner in my room. Procrastination? NO! Just not enough time!!

And this chair. I LOVE this chair.

I bought it at the flea market some time ago. Wouldn't it look great covered in white duck cloth? Ok...white duck cloth in my bedroom where my husband would for sure sit and read the paper...white duck cloth vs. newspaper get the picture.
Procrastination or not enough time???? Neither!! I just can't bring myself to cover it in white duck cloth and then have it be inked!

Aaaahhhh and back to the chairs at the island. I posted a while back about how my kitchen cabinets came out darker than they were supposed to so my island chairs didn't look good and I was going to paint them you have probably figured out...that post was a while ago and I promise I haven't been procrastinating...look...I've made progress. I sanded, primed, painted and painted again, then sanded, antiqued and sealed this chair. So what that it was 2 months ago and so what that the seat still isn't recovered. HEY!!! Gotta start somewhere. I figure by 2010 I might be done. Oh...the annual holiday party you ask? Sure, I'll still have it. I'll just put that black chair out in the garage and noone will be the wiser.

Yah gotta admit though...the black does look good!

The one place I never procrastinate...

I have been busy!! this weekend. I'm thinking I will work on those curtains in my bedroom, or maybe I will take down the flowered curtains in my sons room (my old studio) and sew up those baseball curtains I promised I would make him. Maybe I will sand and paint another chair and maybe...


I'm off to San Diego for a weekend at Legoland, Seaworld and the Raiders game...I'll do all that stuff another day...can you say PRIORITIES????


Cathy Nash said...

Procrastination is my middle name! Love your new things on PFATT, especially the tea tin.
Best wishes~
Cathy Nash

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

YIKES...with all those lovelies having been made, you would have no time left for those other projects!!
Your Black and white kitty (gunner?) looks almost like my Morgan!!! He could be her sister. Come and look!!!!

xo Rella

FrenchGardenHouse said...

All through this post I kept thinking...priorities...those are where Colleen makes her beautiful pieces, right? And yes, your "girls" are your priority...and your family! Hope you have a blast in San Diego. Nothing wrong with your priorities, girl.:)
xo Lidy

Miss Maddie's said...

Oh Colleen, I love the naked chair, it reveals all it's hidden beauty.The bolts of fabric, they are so beautiful they can stand on their own.As for the dollies, they're simply divine! Now the glass container on the counter,while you're off on your little jaunt perhaps you could pop into a shop and pick up some vintage glass balls to fit in the jar to reflect the beauty of the room.They can last all year.
Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing those dollies for sale. Susan

Leslie said...

I am laughing because I am such a procrastinator! And what do I do when I'm stalling? I come here and look at what everyone else is doing!

Pinkie Denise said...

I am sitting here reading and laughing you are describing me! We'll I have good plans and intentions and they are my unfinished projects they will get done sooner or later. But the magic that happens when you go into that creative realm............
you get lost, and you sure whipped up alot of magic, wonderful, thanks for
sharing you lovelies with me Pinkie Denise PS I love your chair!

Flea Market Queen said...

Have a blast in San Diego...
Your stuff will still be there right where you left it,
so do it later!

CCs Whimsies said...

You lucky ducky.... All those beauties..all sewn up? Dang girl! Proud of you....

P.S... Don't worry about the other stuff... it will all take care of itself!

P.S.S. you are not alone...

Donna O'Brien said...

The winter ladies are beautiful! And they are good at keeping secrets- they never let on about your...ahem...problem.
talk when you get back!

rochambeau said...

Who me? know anything about procrastination?
Somehow, I seem to work the best at the last minute.

Your dolls look fab Colleen, and your new glass jar will look festive filled with little pretties.
Glad you got to go shopping with Donna.

Hope you had fun in San Diego.


Kitty Forseth said...

You funny Colleen, hee hee!! We all procrastinate.. it's in the artist's nature!

You certainly know where to put your time though, sheesh your winter girls and Santas are breathtaking.


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