Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pfatt Pfest Adventure Day 2...continued

The Magic of Wendy Addison

Have you seen this sign and this door before? Maybe in "Where Women Create" or Somerset Studio magazine. Possibly Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine or the many other places that Wendy Addison's s studio has been showcased. The most incredible thing about what is behind these doors is something that you won't tire of. You can't ever tire of. It is pure beauty. The most beautiful thing about it though, is Wendy herself. A sweet, hardworking, overwhelmingly talented yet humble woman.

After enjoying everything around us Wendy shared with us a book she is writing. She not only showed us the illustrations she has been working on but she recited the story to us as she walked us through the book. It was so wonderful it brought tears to many eyes.

Pure Blissful Magic

note: Wendy's book is being offered at a limited edition of 350. There are still some editions available.


Anonymous said...

Just love it so magical and inspiring!!

Iva's Creations said...

It was such a magical trip. Loved sharing it all with our pfatties. Can't wait for the final book too!
~ Iva

Sam I Am said...

ohhhh please lets go back there!!!!! :) :) :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I would have love to have been there and if you liked her I can imagine what a great soul she would be..blessings, Jennifer

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