Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 Where did you go????

I can't believe it is February...and the 9th at that!  Now a days it seems like you blink...and've lost a week!  At least that is how I feel.  I'm working hard to keep my eyes wide open!!

In January I took a trip to New Jersey to visit some East Coast gals.  I taught a class and we had a great time playing with clay, paint, fabric and trims.  Each of the students had their game on and it was so great to see their individual styles emerge as they completed their dollie.  

Kecia Deveney organized the class.  She did a fantastic job and she was so incredible to work with.  No stone unturned and nothing forgotten...which made my job incredibly easy.  I stayed with Kecia for the 6 days I was there and she was a fantastic hostess.  Her home is whimsical and lovely.  It was so inspiring to be able to spend time there and to play in her ~over~the~top~ studio.  It surely should grace the pages of Where Women Create. 

Each morning I awoke to breakfast on the table and after class on Sunday we were treated to TWO men cooking for us.  I mean come on!  It doesn't get much better than that.  I didn't want to come home (but don't tell my husband I said that). 

Here are some photos as you walk out of Kecia's home.  Love ~ Love ~ Love the scenery.  I think I could be quite happy living amongst this loveliness.  Until, of course, my car was buried in the snow.

I woke up the first morning of class not feeling so great.  I had a cold coming on.  I was definitely not my usually uber chatty self...but we still got the job done. 

 Rita and Evelyn

 Linda, Pam and Betty.

 Beth and Sandi.

 The troublemaker table.  These gals are a hoot.

 Colleen, Kelly and Mary.

Sallianne, Marlene and Mz. Carlson got away before I got their picture snapped....darn!  I'm going to have to peruse the girls blogs and see if I can find some.

I had a great time with these ladies...cold and all.  I was so happy to be in there after the December snowstorms and outta there before the wild ones hit.  My timing was most excellent!

On the agenda for February...

This handsome young man of mine is headed off to Colorado Springs tomorrow. He is a swimmer and is going to be training at the Olympic Training Center...a great opportunity.

But he's grown up a bit since this picture...I just love this picture...face smashed against the glass.


Such a great kid.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

And this kid...will be keeping me on my toes.  He had knee surgery back in October and ripped the repair to pieces last week.  He is going back to the Operating Room in a couple of weeks and hopefully....this procedure will work !!  So I have lots of time set aside to worry.  A momma has got to have her worry time.

And I cannot forget....I've got lots more work to do to get ready for Moulin Rouge in March !!  I can't wait to head down south and see old friends and make new ones.  

I will post pics of my progress as I have some.  I'm so excited!!  

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Cherie Wilson said...

Great pictures Coleen! Love your little guy in the glass...oh where does the time go!? I am soooo going to take your beautiful class someday......someday! It's on my bucket list, I tell you!! Check my blog next week for some fun:) XO

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