Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can Can Happiness

The Moulin Rouge event went off without a hitch.  It's not a shock or surprise, really.  Kim Caldwell has a very ~ very special talent.  Kim can organize and design....anything and everything...I am convinced.  She has an amazing attention to detail and she leaves each and every one of her participants feeling special and loved.  There are far too many lovely details to I will just touch on a few things that I have photos of.  There are lots of other photos and memories on many other blogs so do search around and enjoy the loveliness.
The Swaps...
Oh the swaps....they were incredible.  Here are a few of the Bijoux Jewelry Box Swap.  Each participant was to find a vintage jewelry box and fill it with all kinds of goodness based on their swap partners loves.

You could also decorate the outside if you wanted....I like!!

Garter Swap
Look at how pretty the boxes were....and oh should have seen the garters themselves!

During some down time that I had, I ventured over to Bountiful with Karla and Kerry Lynn.  The eye candy was lovely.  We were a bit confused because they had cake platters EVERYWHERE.  I mean...every~where.  Hundreds of them stacked so high.  We were thinking since Bountiful means "large in quantity" maybe this store will carry large amounts of a certain "something" at a time.  In looking at their website, that doesn't seem to be the case.  I'm not sure why they had so many cake platters but the displays were very striking.  Pink, blue, purple, clear, black, red, green and more.  Vintage and new....there was something for everyone.

I would be happy to take these bookcases...any day!!
Here is some of the GAH GAH GORGEOUS decor at the event.
Look at this centerpiece.  It sings to me.

The back of each chair was adorned with beauty.

Christine's lovely make and take project.  She is such a sweet ~ sweet and talented lady.
Girls hard at work...

The girls...Natalie, Karla and Lonnie

I love this snap....such a special moment.  I love these gals too.  Natalie, holding the bird doll, was somehow chosen to take on the challenge of Cancer.  She was going through Chemo when I taught the bird class at Shea and Debbie's place in Dallas.  Natalie was so disappointed she wasn't able to join in on the fun so we decided to make her her own little tweet.  I sculpted the piece, Stacy (in the bright jacket) dressed her.  Lonnie, standing on Nat's right, made a sweet little jewelry piece that hangs off her dress.  Debbie and Shea made the gorgeous crown that is the crowning glory of the piece.  Of course there were lots of tears....all happy.
  We were finally all together, in the same place, so we could give it to her and this event couldn't have been more perfect.  The room was filled with such warm, wonderful, supportive, funny and creative women.

A few of my favorite people

Sweet Pamela

Tina Marie....always a smile on her face and dressed fabulously.

Silly Stacy

Some favorite moments
And one more swap...


This was the pillow swap.  Well...these are the packagings for a couple of pillows that were in the pillow swap.  The packaging was just as yummy as what was inside (which I took pics of and I'm not sure what happened to them).  I'm sorry I missed out on participating in this swap.  Just saying.

Our beautiful and talented hostess of the weekend.  Thank you Kim....for giving so many fortunate women the opportunity to be surrounded by beauty, friendship and art.


 You are the best!

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That gift for Natalie was so thoughtful. Just another example of what a great group of people you guys are.

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