Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my ~ O ~ my

What a weekend!! Silver Bella is just a memory now ...but one I will never~ ever forget. I had so much fun!!!! I made new friends that I absolutely adore. I made glittery art that I will hang in my house to remind me of our times. I made so many wonderful memories...

Here are just a few

Shopping our first night in Omaha at Second Chance Antiques. Every nook and cranny in this place was filled with treasures. Old photos, clothing, hats, laces, buttons, jewelry...you name it...they had it!

Spending free time shopping in downtown Old Town. Beautiful old brick buildings, sweet little shops on every corner and this gorgeous horse drawn carriage making its way thru the streets.

And yes...my favorite part of this trip...sitting in the bar each evening, making new friends and getting to know existing ones even better. We shared stories and art, we brought Joel in as one of us and we laughed until we cried. Did you know that cows make goat cheese???

Amy, Lonnie, Iva, me, Joel and Pink Lorraine

A kit for one of the classes that I took. So many goodies all packaged together beautifully.

My little project in the works.

Iva, Lonnie and myself. Lonnie is our new BFF. She's an amazing gal from Tillamook Oregon. She's 41 (can I write that?), has 6 kids, owns a dairy farm, a clothing store, a mail order cheese business and her daughter owns a restaurant...and she is an artist...yet I'm not quite sure when she finds the time!! Whew...makes me tired just writing it all!

Iva, Jennifer Paganelli, myself and Lonnie. Lonnie, Iva and I took a class from Jennifer. Jennifer is such a lovely, down to earth, wonderful soul. I liked her immediately and later that day I was so lucky to have my vendor table right next to hers. I got to chat with her all evening. I wish she didn't live so far away.

Our work table in Charlotte Lyon's collage class.

Myself, Iva and Charlotte.

Lonnie, Jenny & Aaron and myself. Jenny and Aaron arrived at Silver Bella late due to a little airport mishap. They had to rent a car in Detroit and they DROVE all the way too Omaha. Eleven hours later...they were tired!! They finally woke up and joined the Silver Bella girls at the luncheon. Everyone was so happy to see them!

Country Living joined Silver Bella!! These gals answered questions during our luncheon. Bella's asked questions like...what does Country Living represent? How do they pick story lines? How many people read Country Living, etc.

And the magical Teresa McFayden. Teresa IS Silver Bella. She is the brains and the braun behind the whole production. This was a flawless weekend and I cannot even begin to imagine how many hours she put into making it so great.

The fabulous Kerry Lynn Yeary!! We met her on the plane on the way to Omaha! Love that skirt!!

This work stopped me in my tracks at vendor night. Sooooo whimsical and different. You can see more of her work at Julie Haymaker.

How fun is this?!?

Iva, Lonnie and myself at vendor night. The theme for dress was Junk Gypsy and some gals had some really great outfits...we kinda tamed it down a bit...

So here are some of my offerings at vendor night. Thanks to everyone who stopped by...

I came home with a couple of leftovers. Go to my Pieces Available site to see!

For more Silver Bella pictures...hop on over to these blogs...

Jillybean, Kim Kwan, jessi, artsy mamma, cindy

Till next year...


Jill said...

Such pretty photos! Just wanted to let you know how much I love my snowman on a stick.... sounds like a delightful icecream treat doesn't it??? Really though... I LOVE it!!! Wish I could have had them all!
What a fun weekend!!! Glad you enjoyed your time in our little city!

Iva said...

O Colleen what a time we had!! You were a delight to travel and share the experience with, and it's on my calendar for next year already! So glad we jumped in and joined the party!
Love and hugs...Iva

rochambeau said...

Dear Colleen,
What a wonderful time! Thank you, Thank you for taking photo's so I could go too!!

Your work looks amazing! so festive for the holidays. Really light and soulful and happy.

It is fun to see you standing with people like Iva, Charlotte,Jenny and Aron so to put a face behind the names.

One of my best friends lives in Omaha. She was out of town last weekend. Maybe I can go next time.

Is is possible for you to do a post and show what you created??

CCs Whimsies said...

So jealous and happy to hear you had such a great time!!! Next year, is all I can mutter, next year......


jessi nagy said...

hey hey you cute thing!!!
im glad that you made it home safely!!
what a blast was had this past weekend!!!
im so glad i got to meet you!'
you are so talented!!!
love your work!
till next year!
Jessi nagy

Donna O. said...

Colleen-Everthing looks as you described- really fun, beautiful. That first photo is very cool, the way the light is flashing on top of the sign which says 'Second Chance'. Almost ethereal or something.Glad you're home safely!

Paper Relics said...

wasn't it all just a wonderful whirlwind weekend?!

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh, your dolls look great. Love those
darling little snowmen on a stick!
You girls look like you had so much fun. Thanks for sharing with me Pinkie Denise

farmgirlbella said...

Oh so glad you shared your pictures. I had the most wonderful time with you and Iva.
Can't wait to get together soon.
San Fran here I come. And yes you could say my age, BUT I am 40. Let's not add that extra year yet.


beth said...

hi colleen ! it was such a pleasure to meet you at the bella - i love all your work !!!!
beth (julie's cousin)

Anonymous said...

so much fun. I love my new gal. She is sitting with her new friends in my studio. Silver Bella next year! I hope.
Lisa Z

Kim Caldwell said...

Colleen -- It was such a pleasure to meet you in person at Silver Bella. I have been a fan of your work since seeing your piece on Angels for Brianna. What is even better is you are as fabulous as your art! Hope to some up North to play some day soon!!

Hugs, Kim

Ulla said...

How fun!!! You girls look so happy and full of sparkle! Love your dolls, and goodies! Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

How adorable and magical!

Theresa said...

Thanks for posting pictures of Julie Haymaker's creations. I loved your photos so much I went to her website and purchased "Road Trip".

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