Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New York ~ New York!!

Ok so I am FINALLY getting this post done...way too late but's the holidays!! So I loaded my pictures in backwards...but instead of trying to move them all around ... we will just go with it.

First of all we had a great trip despite the freezing cold temperatures, the rain, the Broadway writers strike (so much for those 3rd row seats for Spamalot), and Serendipity was closed for the week (who needs frozen hot chocolates anyway). We had amazing weather for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade though! And we did almost all of our "touristy" things we wanted to do.

Normally, Mike and I sleep in and get moving around 11 when we are in New York. We get dressed and just start walking and where we end up is where we end up. This trip was definately planned out as we grouped things we wanted to do based on where they were located. The boys did a fabulous job maneuvering the subway system with us and they quickly learned to walk on the right side of the sidewalk, don't stop, pay attention to the lights and traffic cuz those taxi cabs are alot bigger than they are!!

As I said, my pictures are backwards so I took this Thanksgiving morning. The lights were finally on the tree and they took the scaffolding down. This tree is so amazingly humongous!! You see it on tv and all but you gotta see it in real life to really appreciate the size of it.

Some pictures from the Macy's parade.

Gotta love Scooby!

Visiting the Hershey's shop in Times Square. If you know Shane you would understand this picture. This is a regular event in my house except the bottle is not quite as big!

With New Yorks finest!

Our carriage ride thru Central Park

This was so much fun...we went to see the parade balloons being blown up the evening before the parade. I would definately recommend doing this. The boys loved seeing the balloons up close. did I!

The bigger balloons they cover with netting and then sandbag the edges of the netting to hold the balloon down. You can get an idea of the size with the boys standing in front of Shrek's head. He was huge!

Mr. Potato Head coming to life.

Ice skating in Rockefeller Center

Here is the tree as they were putting the lights on it. See the little guy at the top?

Since we weren't able to see Spamalot we were able to snag tickets to see The Blue Man Group. I wasn't really that interested in seeing them but we heard they were funny and the boys were so disappointed they weren't seeing Spamalot so we took the plunge. It was HILARIOUS!! If you ever have the opportunity to see this it!

Ellis Island

We circled the Statue of Liberty but because it was so windy and cold we decided not to get off. The Statue was locked up tight and you could only tour the grounds. This was the day it was snowing in New Jersey and it was about 30degrees where we were. Oh and did I mention the wind?

Museum of Natural History

M & M store!!

ESPN Zone. I have never seen anything like this. This is a huge framed picture of Babe Ruth and if you look at it you can see the whole picture is made from Baseball cards.

Lunch in Little Italy

Yes, we even did the double deck tour bus ride. We could barely stand the cold up top but we were troopers!

We did do lots of other fun stuff but these are some of the highlights.
Check back on Wednesday for my pictures of Tinsel Trading Co. all decked out for Christmas!!


kerry lynn said...

wow! looks like you had an amazing trip!!

rochambeau said...

I missed these pix yesterday.
It's fun to know the places you've been. Your family is so good looking.
Looking forward to seeing the Tinsel Trading Co. pix!

Hallows Hex Design said...

I am SO jealous!!! I've always wanted to go to the Macy's Parade! It looks like you had a splendid time!

Kitty Forseth said...

You all look so happy! The balloon pics are amazing. I looked for you in the parade on TV!

xo Kitty

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