Thursday, January 31, 2008

C A L G O N ! ! !

Take me away!!! Can you??? Mr. or Mrs. Calgon????

Do you remember those commercials oh so very long ago. The calm, beautiful woman exclaiming Calgon, take me away. Funny how I always think of that phrase in times of desperation. Do you too? Today, my refrigerator is making that noise. I can't imagine you have ever experienced it. It's that noise. It's that humming, shrieking, vibrating...oh so loud...noise. My poor but beautiful and ever so needed refrigerator is just over 2 years old yet every so often it makes a horrible hum. A very ... loud ... hum. Man after fix it man has yet to repair (for good) that loud noise. And it's back!!! Monday...I dream of Monday when the 6th repair man comes to look and hear ...the noise...

So in the mean time...CALGON...are you out there??????


Michelle said...

Before you do any thing drastic.. visit my blog for a possible explaination!

Donna O. said...

I DON"T know that noise. But now I'm paranoid that I soon will. Maybe one of your TWO dishwashers can fill in for the fridge : )

Miss Maddie's said...

It's just off balance. Don't go looking for trouble, it's like a Pandora's box!
In the meantime I haven't seen Calgon for awhile but Johnsons has this wonderful lavender Sleepy Time bath.It will help you fall asleep and maybe you can wakeup when everything's humming like new!

Kim Hardt Originals said...

I hope and prey I never have to experience that noise. Because I am afraid bad news might come after that. A repair or a new one!?

I hope your refrig. is all fixed and peace and quite has come to settle.


Michelle said...

Hope your fridge is fixed and better soon.

As for the Calgon, if you find him/her please send them my way. I often find myself say that very same thing....and I love to sing the old commercial..."I'm going to wash that Grey right out of my hair"!! LOL


rochambeau said...

Is she feeling better??
Has she stopped the wheezing and buzzing?

Have a great, creative, "buzz-free" week Colleen. Again, I appreciae your new Bun-bun girl!


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