Monday, January 7, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!!

Back in November, when Iva and I went to Silver Bella we each bought a "Let Them Eat Cake" kit from the amazingly talented Jenny and Aaron. We weren't able to get into this class but we definately wanted to make the cake. We each picked up a kit and Iva also got one for her friend, Gina. Early December we got together and created our cakes. Gina is WOW talented and I love her take on the cake. When she pulled out her extra supplies that she paper, black ribbon, etc....I have to say... I was a little concerned. Maybe she didn't get it...the cake is pink and cream and pale blues...but guess what...she got it better than any of us!!
Her cake turned out fantastic.

She did all kinds of shading around the flowers and the cake. She made little windows in the cake...turning one of the windows into a bird cage. When she took the exact-o to the cake I wanted to scream out "what are you doing". She didn't measure...she didn't even think about it. There was no hesitation...just cut cut cut!!

She knew Exact-O what she was doing!!
Notice the window in the second layer of the cake?
This is Iva's cake. I love the little fringe she put along the bottom. It looks like the cake is sitting on a platter.

The thing they both did is that they both raised the cake itself off of the background, giving it a 3d effect. It is not as noticeable in the picture but it looks incredible.

I had never met Gina before. I only knew of her thru Iva. Gina is so talented and gifted. I am glad I got to meet her and I'm looking forward to getting messy with these girls again.

Look over Gina's shoulder. You can see Brianna watching her Mom have a good time and smiling in approval.


Iva's Creations said...

What a wonderful time just chatting and creating and spending an afternoon with two of my dear friends. And Colleen your cake looks beautiful with the additions you made at home. You're a great friend!
~ Iva

Denise said...

beautiful and inspiring - thanks so much for sharing!

kecia said...

any time girls can get together and do art is a good time! this looks quite fun and love how the cakes turned out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my chicken and stars! Those Jenny cakes are AMAZING!! Did you show her? She'd be thrilled. I'm thrilled...and a lil miffed that I didn't get one now. I love these!
Teresa McFayden

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