Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I don't "do" Spring

No I don't. I'm not a bunny, rabbit or bunny rabbit type of gal. I don't do Spring shows...I don't make Spring dolls...or at least I didn't used to.

I think my aversion to Spring goes back to the early days of doll making...I think I scarred myself 15 years ago. I "bunnied out". Since those days I have avoided Easter baskets, floppy hats, Spring flowers (which I love), and most of all...bunnies. But this year, due to some pressure from some very wonderful people...I decided to do 1 or 2 Spring pieces. Well lo and behold...1 or 2 pieces turned into 3...4....5 and more. They multiplied like Bunny Rabbits!

So here is the last of my Springish Spring...promise. Well at least until next year. It was fun!!

These pieces will be added to my available page tomorrow.


Jackie said...

These are lovely...Im glad you don't "do" spring...hehe!! Have a great day :) Jackie

SALLY said...

Such cute girls, even if they are not witchy!! I love them, so sweet!! sally

rochambeau said...

Beautiful collection Collen!
All sweet and delicate!

Anonymous said...

perfection Colleen!


Nancy said...

This collection is just so lovely. Beautiful spring colors. The little Dolly in the purse is just precious.

Best wishes

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Colleen, They are wonderful. Multipication is a good thing in this case.


Anonymous said...

Simply sweet with the most incredible attention to detail. Thanks for making all the holidays so much more fun!



Tina said...

Very beautiful dolls!! Sweet faces!!

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