Thursday, May 8, 2008

Checkers anyone?

Yes!! This is exactly what it looks like. Something my 14 year old considers "hazing".
verb (used with object), hazed, haz·ing.
to subject (freshmen, newcomers, etc.) to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule.
Chiefly Nautical. to harass with unnecessary or disagreeable tasks.

Tyler is a freshman and this haircut was last nights entertainment for the Seniors on the High School Swim Team. Funny thing is...Tyler has been looking forward to this all season. Not so funny today since he has to go to school like this. The deal is...24 hours...and no hats!! He can shave his head after his practice tonight.

Maybe I should make him walk to school today....

Good Luck at Championships this weekend Ty!!


Iva's Creations said...

OMG!! Brave Tyler! The joys of youth. Yes, good luck on your swimming, and glad to see he's having fun...Iva

Nancy said...

Oh my! Well, if they had to do it...they did do a pretty good job! Sorry Mom!! I raised two boys...need I say more?! And I have a little grandson!

Best of luck to Tyler at the swim meet.

Hugs, Nancy

Victorian Lady said...

Oh MY! I actually gasped when I saw that. :) I have two girls, but we are hoping for at least one boy eventually. Congrats on having such a great swimmer in the family! Those photos (the swimming ones) are great! :)

P.S. I had a boyfriend in high school who played tennis. Their tradition was to stick twinkis down the pants and throw them into the lake. I wonder which is worse/better? lol

Christine LeFever said...

Ooh, scary, a symbol of the Illuminati, the checks and diamonds, but wait! You could fill in the white squares with paint, yes? NOT! Too hilarious. Your boy is beautiful, even in his checked do.



OMG Colleen, how weird. I had no idea what "hazing" was, but I sure do now. Oh well, I guess it's all in fun eh. Hope the swimming goes well for Tyler.
Cheers, Coll :-}

vintagepaletteart said...

Just think of it like this Colleen..........what a great pic to save for his graduation party picture board! You will all laugh at it then! lol Kids!

Good luck at Championships Ty!


Anonymous said...

happy Mother's day Colleen!


Kim Hardt Originals said...

How funny Colleen! Gulp!! Hope his hair grows fast! he He!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


Donna O. said...

Now THIS is Altered Art!!! OMG Colleen!
PS- I hope YOUR DAY is perfect!

Patty Benedict said...

LOVE it!! Hope he had fun showing off his new due for the day!!

Bugs & Hisses

Designs by CK said...


I'm speechless and for me that is unusual...sCaRy! LOL '-)



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