Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunday Fun

What a wonderful way to spend a very warm Sunday. Seven creative women sharing stories, laughing and creating art.
Tina and Cheryl were troopers...traveling very far to join us. Irene, Pat and Lana were repeaters and I was so glad to see their smiling faces again. Dalia and Sally's projects turned out fantastic !!

Once again we gathered within the inspiring walls of Tangerine.

We sculpted, painted and did some sewing. These women take to new mediums instantly.

Thanks for a wonderfully, warm, creative day. I was so busy enjoying this group I hardly took any pictures. But you can see more on Cheryl's blog.

(Photo of Tina's finished project)

I look forward to our paths crossing again soon ladies. xoxo


SALLY said...

I had so much fun Colleen!! We had a great class of ladies, too much talking and laughing!! I love my little dolly!!

The French Bear said...

I love your Marie doll, i want to be in your class!!! I love taking doll classes, I want to get to one in May, by Becky Halloway, she is a divine doll artist.
Thank you for stopping by to visit me, I love to have visitors!! I am really inspired by your art!!! Such talent!
Margaret B

Cheryl M said...

Colleen your class was by far one of the best! Thank you so much!

Cheryl M

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