Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summertime Biziness

I love maybe I love the "idea" of Summer. Relaxing with nothing to do and nothing on the calendar. You can read, sleep in, play whenever you feel like it...


This summer has been like most others....filled with lots of biziness and wonderful memories being made.

In the past couple of months, besides soccer and basketball practices, swim meets and sleepovers we have

said goodbye to giant hair

and Elementary School

and the most amazing 5th Grade Teacher EVER !
(who is happily retiring)

The pool is done

the water is blue

The grass is green

and having patience
was key.

We celebrated a sweet birthday

!! 16!!

and my boys survived summer camp...barely.

We have been feasting on backyard smores

and creating bracelets for each other so we always stay connected.

I've enjoyed a trip through the country with sweet visit a new friend and

(Sue, Anna, Iva, myself)

her well known studio.

(for inside views...see Where Women Create...the book)

I've spent a long weekend with three amazing women.
We ate, drank, shopped and created our way thru Portland....

where the weather is gorgeous, the flowers unbelievable and incredible artists reside!

We lunched with the master of soldering...and got a tour of her studio...which is something you have to see with your own two

(Sally Jean, Stacy, Michelle, Natalie, me and Lonnie)

We had fun creating our own masterpieces in signature Lisa style...

and said goodbye to each other with a promise to do it again...soon.

Great memories, great laughs, great times.

I am excitedly awaiting a little family getaway. Our first in two years. We are going to be spending time in the surf and sun.

I will be back in a couple of weeks with some fun news to share and more pictures of my trip to Portland.

In the meantime...

Enjoy your summer!!


Dede Warren said...

Life i sure good in your neck of the woods. I can't wait for you to come down and share some of that magic with us!

enjoy your vaca!!

Cheryl Marshall said...

How wonderful for you!! Thanks for sharing and have a great vacation!


Anonymous said...

Big Hair, Big Pool, Big Road Trips....You didn't mention your Big Heart so I will. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh Girlfriend....thanks for coming and sharing fun times with us! Can't wait till we can do it again!

Have a great trip! Have a drink poolside for me. I'm so jealous!!!


alice said...

My fav was the first "pool" dipping while it was filling. It brings back lots of fun memories. Have a wonderful vacation!

Carolee said...

There's something so magical and inspiring about spending time with other artists...and I've heard Portland is amazing! Thanks for sharing. :)

~ Carolee

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Sounds like sooo much fun! around here we've had no pool, no big hair,no big road trips...but one tiny grandbaby visit, and that's fabulous too.:) Oh, and launching my "big project" with a give away, please join in on the fun.
xo Lidy

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