Monday, September 28, 2009

What a weekend...Part 1 !!

This past weekend was our road trip to Southern California. I have been itching all summer long to head out in the car and see some sites... aka... do some shopping. So on Thursday morning, at about 10 am, Iva and I hit the road. Our 6 hour journey was to take us to Southern California for food, fun, art...and shopping.

After our arrival in Fullerton, we dumped our bags into our hotel room and went to check out Old Town Fullerton. We peeked inside shop windows, found our way around town and enjoyed some live music on the brick patio outside of Gilding the Lily. We feasted on deep fried mushrooms, Greek tacos and salad at Stadium Tavern. Yum!

The next day was to be shopping, shopping and more shopping. We got up and went for a quick workout to take care of those deep fried mushrooms from the night before. Isn't fried good? Anything fried is good in my book. After our workout we headed to Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. All I can say is "wow". This place was worth the drive. We spent much time checking out the Halloween shop. So much to see...

The Secret Lab

This display was freaky and my pictures don't do it justice. There was a tall doll looking into a large mirror and the mirror was surrounded by smaller dolls. All the dolls were sprayed gray. It was a fantastic effect...

There were displays of pumpkins all around outside. Every kind of pumpkin imaginable.

And favorite thing there. I spotted this fresh flower arrangement on one of their counters. It was absolutely gorgeous.

If you ever have a chance to get to Roger's Gardens make sure you allow yourself enough time. It's a large place with tons to see.

After we left Roger's we headed to Paris to the Moon in Costa Mesa. It was a fun little shop. I found this wonderful marble statue to add to my collection of girls.

As we were headed out the door I asked the gal there where we could have lunch. She recommended Taste Buds. If you are ever in Costa Mesa this restaurant is a must. Lovely interior and the food was fantastic.

After we left Taste Buds we headed to Old Towne Orange and the Country Roads Antique store. This store is all we had time for but that was fine. Look what I found !!! It is a wonderful old apothecary cabinet. I was thanking my lucky stars that we didn't fly to L.A. because this would fit just fine in my car. I was/am one happy girl!!

Now to find a place for minor detail.


Dede Warren said...

Oh Colleen it was wonderful to have you and Iva here for the weekend! Nancy and I comepletly enjoyed having you teach with us, and can't wait to do it again... ANYTIME!!!

I'm sure that cabinet will be a wonderful addition to your studio, you're a lucky girl to find such a great piece!!

Thanks again for everything,

carole said...

Hi Colleen:
I am so glad the trip was creatively awesome (at the Lily), fun and you bought a super apothecary cabinet!!!
Thanks for thinking of me and I can't wait until I can get to Fullerton and meet up with DeDe so I can enjoy making the Pumpkin Girl!!!
DeDe's photos were great for me to see; like being there with you : )
Again thank you
Your pet : )
hugs & peace

Cheryl said...

OMG-I'm so glad you got that apothectary cabinet! Michelle Geller and I were there last weekend and both of us fell in love with it, but Michelle had flown in and couldn't get it and I had been shopping WAY too much at that point in the day, so I didn't buy it. So happy to see if got a good home!


Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

It was too much fun girlfriend! I can't wait until our next road trip! As they said in Hidalgo..."Cabo Wabo!"
~ Iva

Dive Boracay said...

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Southern California and I hope you got a lot of good items from your shopping.I enjoyed the pictures you posted from your trip.

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