Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moulin Rouge Ready!!

The time has finally arrived and I am so
excited to be heading out of here before dawn tomorrow morning!!
See all these boxes?  They are all the kits for the class I will be teaching at the event.  The boxes on the right are finished dolly's I am taking for vendor night but all those boxes on the left are kits.  There is going to be some fun artsy fartsy stuff going on!!

My sweet traveling companion is wondering where her stuff will fit in the car.  I'm not so worried about her "stuff"... more about where I will fit her!!  I might have to duct tape her to the roof of the car.  The weather calls for rain all morning tomorrow so I sure hope she wears something plastic!
I decided to join a couple of the swaps that are taking place at the event.  One is the bijoux jewelry box swap.  We were to find an old jewelry box and embellish it as we see fit.  Then we filled it with all things lovely and vintage.

I can't show you the stash of goodies on the inside but here is a peek at what I did to the outside of the box.  Think my swap friend will know who made it?

This box was such a find.  It came with the original key so the lock can be used.  Love it!!

A little something different I've been playing with.  Sweet little girls made in to lovely little necklaces.  I had so much fun creating these.  

I found myself heading back to my roots for this event.  Since it is Spring time...or at least I am hoping for it to be soon... I made some wonderful bunnies for vendor night. I haven't made bunnies in ages...but that is where my doll making began many ~ many years ago.  It was a nice change of pace and I am tickled with how they turned out.  

Have a great rest of the week...I'll be back next week with photos!!


Grace said...

You are so amazing! I am so jealous I wish I could have gone too! One of these days I can take a Colleen Moody workshop! Have a wonderful fabulous time! Grace xoox

Lonnie Jenck said...

oh me...oh my....those necklaces are adorable! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! It's been way too long! Oh and I totally had a visual of Nat on the top of the car....I pictured her in a floral raincoat!! lol


Anonymous said...

You know my incredible sister...When I think you have hit your peek, you SO prove me wrong & make something more breathtaking than the time before. Cant wait to see you! P.S. Ohhh would I adore one of these necklaces! Wink wink!

Diane Duda said...

My copy of Prims magazine arrived today and I had to tell you how much I loved your sweet birds (especially the blue one!!!)
Anyway, I'm very proud to between those covers with you and so many other talented artists.

Diana said...

So, so love your sweet necklaces ....what a great way to showcase your art. I know they will be a hit. Have fun!

Suz said...

Those necklaces look just adorable...as does the jewelry box. I hope things went fabulously!

kecia said...

okay, obviously i am WAY behind in reading your blog as i totally missed these necklaces! they are so great- i'm not surprised they were a hit a Moulin Rouge!!!

and thank you for the blog post on the necklace you got from me, you're a sweetheart!

i've already been telling everyone that there maybe a Colleen Part Deux!


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