Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's all about choices....

In an art workshop there are 2 things that are never wrong, they are always good and always right.  

1.  There are no mistakes in art. 
2.  It's all about choices.

 When I teach a class my goal is not to teach you what I do so your work can look just like mine.  My goal is to teach you the basics of doll making and have you take those skills and turn them into your own works of art.  Often times I hear

"oh I don't like her nose"
"her forehead doesn't look like yours"
"her feet don't match perfectly"

and what I ask is

"if you weren't comparing your work to the class sample, would you like them on their own?  Hold them out and look at your sculpted piece from slightly afar.  Is it pleasing to your eye?  Does it make you happy?"

That is what truly matters. 

There are no mistakes in art.  What a student may view as a "mistake" because it isn't an exact comparison to the class sample is a perfect example of the student taking the information they have gained in class and making it their own. 

Their  own style.

If they accomplish this then I have done my job. 

 The second thing that is never wrong...always good and right.


2.  It's all about choices.

I love when a student brings a wide variety of fabrics, trims, threads, flowers, laces, etc. to class.
It truly gives them the freedom to play.  
I have seen works of art go from Edgy to Classic, from Bright and Bold to Shabby.  

It all depends on what they bring in their bag of tricks.  

The more pieces and parts you have to choose from the more creative you can be.

 And it's also a great reason to go shopping!

 Come join me on an Artful Adventure where you will sculpt, paint, antique and stitch your way to your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

An Online Workshop.

June 6-July 17
In the comfort of your own home.   Just you...your computer...in your pj's with a lump of clay...and me....to walk you through the process and answer all your questions.

Clearly my choices are mostly about pearls!  I love 'em.


Jacqueline Newbold said...

Beautiful work!

Kadee Willow said...

Colleen... I love that you wrote this as I am one who really gets so caught in the "perfectionist" whirl that it hinders me from moving on. And thanks for reminding me that it does matter bringing more rather than less. As I travel to art events it sometimes seems like it would be wiser to eliminate rather than add to my stash to bring. Wise words spoken and thanks so much for that!! And your dolls are fabulous.. wonderful class!

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