Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Breakfast Conversations....

Lately I have been cooking breakfast for the boys. It used to be fend for yourself...have some cereal... but I have come to realize that if I cook then they will all sit down at the same time, eat and have some great conversations with me. Here is one from this morning that I will treasure...

Curly haired 11 year old munching on waffles ~ "Hey Mom...Dad and I were talking last night about Christmas."

Mom ~ "mmm hmmm"

Curly ~ "Dad asked what I wanted for Christmas."

Mom ~ "mmm hmmmm"

Curly ~ "Well I thought about it and I realized that I don't really want anything. I mean I have everything I need. Maybe a new video game or two would be nice."

Mom ~ "You have a good point...none of you really "need" anything."

Curly ~ "So let's have a low key Christmas...each get one or two things and then we don't have to spend lots of time Christmas morning opening presents. We could play a board game together and we could walk down to Starbuck's together for a mint hot chocolate."

Mom ~ "I think that is a great idea."

Curly...big smile on his face.

Two big brothers....lots of grumbles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is he not the sweetest boy ever! I miss them everyday. Give love to them from Auntie! I love you guys!

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