Monday, August 16, 2010

The Saturday Class

Saturday morning was met with these beautiful, happy, smiling ladies coming to the Church for their first class

Shea and Debbie pulled out all the stops.  The goodie bags alone were fantastic and filled with so many sweet and wonderful surprises.

I brought a collection of girls for inspiration.

Heather and Stacy helped me assemble my supply kits and get the table set up the night before.  

Thanks ladies!

I made a variety of styles of these bags to hold the supplies for the class.  Black and gold, cream, gold on gold, etc.  They were all made with vintage flocked wallpaper, dresden trim and old ribbon.

 Shea and Debbie had 4 sewing machines set up and they whirred continuously throughout the day.


  The ladies worked diligently all day long.  


And at the end of the all paid off!

Thanks for such a warm, wonderful and inspiring day ladies.  You are all

A big THANK YOU to Creative Paperclay for sponsoring this class.


Robin Thomas said...

Thank you for a great class. You did such a wonderful job. You are adorable!

Cherie Wilson said...

Coleen I hope to take a class from you someday! I am always amazed when I see the work of your hands! Thanks for sharing This sweetness:)

Jana said...

My dolly made your blog, I'm SO honored!! Your class was amazing and you're such a wonderful patient instructor. I must admit I was intimidated about making one of your dolls but you made it easy & fun so thank you!! I'll treasure my dolly I won as a door prize always.

Diana said...

My, those girls really know how to put on a party don't they! Just am in love with the goodie bags. It looks as though care and love was put into every single detail. Your birdies are exceptional, Colleen. Lucky ladies to have spent a day with your creative self.

kecia said...

oh, how fun! love the set up for everything, all the classes, etc. the work table you all sat at is amazing! keep me posted about heading to jersey!


rochambeau said...

What a great teacher you are!

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