Friday, August 20, 2010

The Sunday class

Sunday at the Church was all about jewelry
...yes girls...

I was extremely excited and had great anticipation for this class as I am NOT a jewelry maker...but would love to have that talent.  Shea was going to be teaching her wire wrapping method and I had heard she was a master at it!

These little jars, so wonderfully embellished, contained our class supplies for making 2 bracelets.  One would be a practice bracelet and one would be "the real thing"!  
Sterling wire, beautiful beads, jump rings, etc.  I poured the kit out and oohed and aahed over the beauty of each item and then wondered what in the heck I was supposed to do with all of it. 

Shea guided us through each step of wire wrapping, and putting the bracelet all together. 

This was our "practice" bracelet.  
Now let me tell you...this bracelet is GORGEOUS and I would have been very very happy just making this.  But Shea had other ideas....

THIS was "the real thing"!!!  
I know....too die for, right?

We punched letters into metal...yes, I put the husbands name...I know...corny...then we added blingy rhinestones around it.  We wire wrapped each bead and made a few mistakes (well I did anyway).  Shea was there,  peeking over our shoulders, just waiting to see if we needed help.  She was the most excellent teacher.

I am thrilled that I learned this technique and plan on playing with it more...soon.  I don't want to forget how to do it.

Cutie pie Mz. Stella

Nico and sweet Debbie    

BIG HUGE THANKS  to Shea, Debbie, Robert, Stella and Nico for letting myself and all the other women take over their beautiful home for a few days.  These gals really know how to show a good time!!!  

You gals are the best!!  I wish I could hang out with you every day!


The French Bear said...

So much fun, and what charming bracelets!!!!
Margaret B

rochambeau said...

What fun to learn something new!!!! So wonderful you could learn to make such pretty bracelets at a "home" workshop!!


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