Monday, August 9, 2010

They rocked the nest!

What a weekend!
Canton in the heat, workshops in the Church, ah-mazing food (and tons of it), making new friends, visiting with old ones and 2 tiny smiling faces ready to greet you in the morning.

 Our long weekend started with a few of the gals getting together for dinner.  There were fancy cocktails and some interesting desserts all around.

Friday morning was our trip to Canton.  Shea and Debbie had everything all planned out and the day went off without a hitch. 


They greeted each attendee with a handmade bag made by Jamelia, filled with the necessities of the day.  First and foremost a pen and pad of paper so you could write down where you left your be picked up later in the day. ;--) There was lip balm, hand wipes and minty fresh gum. There were homemade scones, fresh Starbucks coffee and a huge basket full of snacks that you could take with you to have when you needed a burst of energy.  There were also band aids, tylenol and some, ah hem, other necessities that might be needed. No detail was missed.

Once everyone was greeted and on the beautiful, air conditioned bus there was lots of chatter.  There was so much excitement about the weekend ahead.  When we were about half way to Canton we had a flea market bag swap!  This was a great swap and so perfect for the day.  Those that signed up got to share with the person making their bag what style they preferred along with colors.  Each bag was so unique and perfect.

Valita's bag made by Debbie
Kim's bag
Heather's bag made by Alisa
Cheryl's bag
Debbie's bag made by Cheryl
Alisa's bag made by Kim

my bag made by Valita
Shea's bag made by me
Once we all oohed and aaahed over all the bags....and they really were quite amazing....we arrived in Canton.  
We all unloaded....

Took some quick pics...

Sweet Stacy and myself.

And headed straight to an air conditioned building!

Valerie, Stacy, Debbie and Cheryl digging in the bins.

This was one of the great booths inside the first building.  This gal had bins and bins and bins (did I mention all the bins) of linens.   There were tablecloths, doilies, hand towels and on and on.  Old quilts too!  Her prices were incredible and we all had a great time looking for bits and pieces to use in the workshop the next day.

After my stop at the linen lady I came around the corner to find this cutie digging in piles of cards.  It's funny how when one person gets excited about something....others catch on.  By the time we moved on from this booth there were about 4 other ladies sitting on the floor digging through the tubs of goods.

We had lunch at the Gypsy Pearl booth.  These gals were so great.  They catered a lunch for our entire group AND gave us a hefty discount on our purchases.  Don't miss them when you visit Canton.

The day ended with an air-conditioned bus ride back to Dallas, a relaxing shower and a cold one.  A perfect end to a fantastic day.  

Next up....the Church and workshops....


Robin Thomas said...

Oh Colleen Moody, you are adorable. Wonderful pictures. I regret not going through all those linens now. Oh great....

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweet girl
i had such a blast in Dallas.
you are a rockin teacher!! i loved the doll class.
it was super fun just chillin with ya all weekend.
see ya soon at silver bella!!! if not in October back at the church.


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