Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bluebird Making

Last Saturday a lovely group of women met me at Gilding the Lily to learn how to make a sweet...not so little... bluebird.

They the very early hour of 9:30.  They had smiling faces and an eagerness to play and learn.  We started the day by creating clay sculptures...went on to paint...and then got right to the sewing.

These gals didn't mess around.  They brought loads of wonderful fabrics, vintage trims and fantastic imaginations.

I didn't provide any patterns.  We laid out different combinations of fabrics and trims until they got the look they wanted.  Then they would stitch away.

There were all levels of sewing skills....from somewhat of beginners to quite advanced (much more talented with the machine than I) and they all turned out beautiful little birds.

 Kim's bird in the making

 Kim's bird all dressed to the 9's!

Cheryl's bird in progress...

Cheryl's finished piece...Stella is her name!

Valerie....working on her top hat.

This little tweet tweet...I have to say....her momma had me a bit concerned when she started to paint.  She was much darker than I would have thought would be nice.  But  Momma Terrie, knew EXACTLY what she was doing.  She pulled out some gorgeously rich Moda fabrics that we all oohed and aah ed over.  Smashing!!  Her coloring was perfection for those fabrics.

Grandma Nancy....I want her to be MY Grandma.  So special and sweet.  She decided to make a chick and she had some lovely fabrics to help make that happen...

And brave Ada....she brought this fantastic fabric covered in pearls.  Have you ever sewn with fabric covered in pearls?  Let me tell ain't easy!!!  She stuck with it and ended up with quite the "uptown" bluebird.

I missed snapping the pictures of the three little birds of quiet Cynthia, funny Dede and studious Sylvia.

All in all....a gorgeous Spring day with 10 gorgeously talented women.  What could be better?


The French Bear said...

Fabulous, I am so jealous, not really but what beautiful must have had the happiest group of women!!!!! I know I would have been thrilled to be there!!! Looks like a huge success!!
Margaret B

Sherry Goodloe said...

Beautiful! What a fab-u-lous workshop!

Doreen said...

How fun!!! What gorgeous dolls everyone made!!

Thank you so very much for stopping by for a visit & leaving me such lovely compliments.

Wishing you a wonderful day,

small stories studio said...

Wow, I so wish that I did not live so far away so that I could attend one your wonderful classes! It looked like so much fun and how lucky everyone there was to be able to learn a little of your "magic"!!

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